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    We welcome you to the world of H & M where printing and global marketing services take your business to greater heights. We are a professional company that specializes in multi-faceted marketing and corporate printing services.

    Imagine the corporate world without marketing and printing! It’d be impossible to further an organization without marketing its products. Today, not only conglomerates and MNCs (multinational corporations), but medium scale business entities as well have multi-sector operations. And, it’s the marketing services that help their products reach the masses.

    We provide you with corporate printing and multi-sector marketing services! We offer a huge range of services for corporate printing, event management, marketing, IT support, home décor, home appliances and more. With our creative attitude, professionalism and strong commitment towards satisfying our customers’ needs and requirements, we are fully equipped to assist our clients.

    We realise that the world is going digital but there will always be a prerequisite for printing. Documents like annual reports, MOA, agreements, charts, blueprints etc. are printed, and the copies are handed to stakeholders, suppliers, business partners and other parties involved. Alongside printing of the above stated documents, we also provide designing services for charts, graphs, presentation and photography to highlight company premises. For printing, we use different techniques for high gloss, sleek outputs to be more environmentally friendly.

    We live in a world of smart phones where people use social networking apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype etc., for exchanging contacts and information. But in the corporate world, business cards are still used as a formal way to exchange contacts and professional details.

    Marketing is the chief pillar that supports an organization’s success. A product may be rich in features, functions or specifications, if it is not marketed well; everything the production was developed for will be fruitless. The marketing wing of our organization offers excellent services making sure that your target audience are aware of your products. Regardless of the sector, we know that all organizations operate in a highly competitive and complex corporate environment; our focus on marketing your product and services go undisturbed. Additionally, we offer corporate gifts and promotional products that enhance your relationships with employees, stake holders, business partners and suppliers.

    Through our technology department, we offer computer and IT services from hardware to software support. Service packages include HR & Payroll, Payroll Support, Payroll Hosting, Payroll Software, Time and Attendance Databases, SQL server Web Page, Web page design and hosting.

    With regards to your companies social events; we can supply most party hire equipment, cutlery & crockery, tables, chairs, marquee tents for events like birthdays, corporate meetings, wedding ceremonies, sports events, reunions, bachelor parties or Year End celebrations.  We also specialize in marquee hire at reasonable prices for all outdoor events such as small garden parties, birthday parties, weddings, large corporate events, exhibitions, product/service launch and more.

    If you are having a function outside or anywhere that normal amenities are not accessible, we can cater to that too. The product range includes geysers, stoves, table, top stoves, heaters, and patio heaters and installations services. We offer a wide range of qualified servicemen who can help you with tiling, carpeting, new or re design kitchens, blinds, plumbing or electrical work.

    To find out more about the company and services log on to www.hmmarketing.co.za.

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