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    Gone are the days when business entities engaged in particular sectors they specialized in. Today, the corporate world is dominated by conglomerates and MNCs that have multi-sector operations. Such is the philosophy of H & M Fast Printing and Marketing.

    Welcome to H & M, the world of corporate printing and multi-sector marketing services! We provide you with multifarious services for corporate printing, event management, marketing, IT support, home décor, home appliances and more. With our creative attitude, professionalism and strong commitment towards satisfying our customers’ needs and requirements, we are fully equipped to assist our clients.

    Let’s look at our offerings in a nutshell:

    Printing Services: No matter how advanced our digital world becomes, there will always be a need for printing. Perhaps, the corporate world wouldn’t exist without the support of printing. Documents like annual reports, MOA, agreements, charts, blueprints etc. need printing as they are presented to stakeholders and other business partners. We offer services for charts, graphs as well as photography to highlight company premises. This forms the part of our designing services. The final annual report document if in a printed format can be finished through a multitude of different techniques from high gloss, sleek outputs to more socially responsible and environmentally friendly print forms to impress your audience.

    We also print business cards as they are essential to any business. Our cards are designed and delivered with the highest quality.

    Marketing and Other Corporate Services: No matter how greater a product is, if it is sloppily marketed, it brings a disaster to the organization and its production wing. Understanding this, we have our marketing services that help you grow your business no matter which sector you operate your business is. All organizations operate in a complex environment in which hundreds of external and internal factors interact to affect their ability to achieve their objectives. Managers need some understanding or view about how all these variables interact. They must try to be rational in making decisions. No matter how important intuition feel, and experience are as contributory factors.  Most managers accept that some kind of procedure for planning the organization’s marketing helps to sharpen this rationality. Making the complexity of business operations manageable and adding a dimension of realism to the organization’s future plans.

    Alongside marketing, we also offer corporate gifts and promotional products that boost your rapport with employees, stake holders, business partners and suppliers. We also offer computer and IT services ranging from hardware to software support. Services include HR & Payroll, Payroll Support, Payroll Hosting, Payroll Software, Time and Attendance Databases, SQL server Web Page, Web page design and hosting.

    Events Services: Be it birthdays, corporate events, private functions, weddings, sports events, reunions, bachelor parties or Year End celebrations. We supply all most all party hire equipment, cutlery & crockery, tables, chairs, marquee tents and many more.

    We do specialize in marquee hire at affordable prices for all outdoor events. Our services range from small intimate garden parties to extravagant birthday parties, from unique wedding marquees to large corporate events and exhibitions to product launches.

    Domestic Requirements: We strive to deliver superior products on gas appliances and services. The product range includes geysers, stoves, table, top stoves, heaters, and patio heaters and installations services. We offer a wide range of qualified and pre screened professionals that can assist you. Work includes tiling, carpeting, new or re design kitchens, blinds, plumbing or electrical work.

    W ith all these services, we aim to build long term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and provide customized value added service like no other company in the printing industry. To find out more about the company and services log on to www.hmmarketing.co.za.

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