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H&M Fast print and Marketing offers various options regarding information technology. From hardware to software support.

Our specialities include,

HR & Payroll:

H&M Fast print and Marketing takes the time and hassle out of salaries & wages for you.  We offer the following:

  • Weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll frequencies
  • Confidential and efficient service
  • SARS Compliant
  • Any size business

By outsourcing your payroll to Hmmarketing, you save on purchasing and installing your own payroll software.  You also avoid the associated time and costs of annual licence fees, consulting fees, training and seminars.

Try H&M Fast print and Marketing Payroll & HR outsourcing service today, and see how we can help you:

  • You don’t have to stay up to date with all payroll related legislation, because we do
  • We have the software to cater for all your customized payroll needs & frequencies
  • We save you valuable time, leaving you free to grow your business
  • We save you money in software and licensing fees
  • We guarantee complete confidentiality.  Directors’ salaries are handled in line with the latest legislation


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Web Page:
Web page design and hosting  (As the number of websites grows, giving the user more and more choice, the need for professionalism will continue to increase if your site to be successful.)