The business card is a powerful tool in any marketers and managers hands. Therefore it is very important to have the right cards to your company specific needs. Correct colours naming and data is very important.

H&M offers the Business Card to it’s customers in full colour, art work and with an UV Varnish.

Prices per quantity and colour. These prises are excluding of postage or delivery.

Description (Art Work Included) 300 gsm Quantity Price


Full Colour 1 Side Free UV Varnish (Front) Free reverse (Black) 500 R 390.00
Full Colour 1 Side Free UV Varnish (Front) Free reverse (Black) 1000 R 450.00
Full Colour 2 Sides (No UV) 500 R 660.00
Full Colour 2 Sides (No UV) 1000 R 750

Common information on the business card will include,

Persons Name, Position or Occupation, Company Name, Address of the company, Work phone number, Home phone number, Mobile phone number, Email address. Pictures or company logos also draw good attention.


Contact Details:  
Hester Pretorius 0728079681 Office 011 9554436 Email