Basted to perfection with Jimmy's Sauces

Basted to perfection with Jimmy’s Sauces

Charcoal spitbraai is your traditional way of doing a spitbraai. It normally creates a pleasant atmosphere around the spitbraai. While the meat is roasting on the spitbraai one can still braai  snacks for example cocktail cheese sausages, boere wors and catering chicken portions.

A lamb +- 20 kg will in most cases require between 5 – 6 hours preparation time. For the best results use braaistar charcoal.

Keep your lamb basted and make sure the fire stays warm, this will ensure sucess.






For prices on the the hiring of the spibtraai see our party hire page. We also supply with our charcoal spitbraai’s briquettes, charcoal and fire lighters.

More details on the hiring of the spitbraai please our spitbraai hire page.