Remember having a spitbraai is loads of fun and do contribute to very pleasant party. When having more than the usual number of guests a spitbraai is a great option as it will save you money. Let me advise you with how to spit braai with the below easy to follow steps.

Basic guidelines on how to spit braai.

  1. On delivery, check that the spitbraai is properly cleaned. This is always a good indication of how well the machine is maitained.
  2. Make sure all the necessary accessories are available. Rod / Motor / Gas or Charcoal / “U” and “H” bolts with sheep arms if required.
  3. Do not overload the motor capacity as it will cause problems. Do not exceed the recomended kilograms for the specific machine.
  4. Check that the braai is in a working condition. (Burners/Motor/Rod/accesories) Check on delivery and do not wait until you want to start the braai!
  5. Always give yourself enough time. Rather be a little bit early than late.
  6. Make sure the meat is properly mounted to the rod before you start.
  7. Have smaller portions of meat roasts, for example rather have x2 3kg roasts than x1 6kg roast.
  8. Use good quality meat.
  9. Have the correct quantity of meat for your number of guests. On how to calculate the correct portions see our meat page.
  10. Veggies in the spitbraai is a good option.
  11. When you start, make sure that the meat turns properly in side the braai and do not slip. Once this is going smoothly then start the fire.
  12. When starting a fire or the burners, use a lighter with a long nose.
  13. When using gas braais do not open the lit to regularly as it will make the cooking time longer. Especially winter time.
  14. When using gas braais make sure you have enough Lp_Gas. On average 3 – 4 kg of Lp_gas should be enough. To check the kilos of gas still in the bottle, measure the total weight of the gas bottle. Deduct the the number on the Lp_Gas bottle. The total measured weight is 18.5 and the bottle weight is 11.3. By example you do have  7.2 kg of gas. This should be enough.
  15. Regularly check that the burners are still burning or that the charcoal is still warm enough.
  16. Take in consideration the weather, for example meat will take longer in winter. Strong wind will also cause problems.
  17. When using a charcoal spitbraai, make sure you have enough charcoal and fire lighters at hand.
  18. When using a charcoal spitbraai try to keep the fire constant. By adding smaller quantities of charcoal more regularly, rather than full bags at a time.
  19. When using a charcoal spitbraai start with +- 1.5 bags of charcoal. Spread the fire accordingly.
  20. Always use a sharp carving knife.
  21. Have meat trays ready to put the meat in. Chafing dishes is a good idea.
  22. For best results do hire your spitbraais from Chris Spitbraais, or let us do the catering for you.

For more info on our spit braai click here.


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