Meat can be supplied at highly competitive prices. Using only the best quality of cuts to ensure your spitbraai experience is one to remember. Give us a call for a proper quote on your meat requirements.
Marinade / Sauces that works best for us is Jimmys Sauces.
Types of meat that is often used on spitbraais.

  • Whole lamb
  • Marinated Lamb
  • Leg of lamb
  • Marinated Leg of lamb
  • Topside beef
  • Sirloin beef
  • Whole pork
  • Deboned Leg of pork
  • Gammon (Pork)
  • Whole Chicken (Chicken portions can be prepared at the bottom of the spit)
  • We can also assist with braai packs

Suggested quantity:

The following factors needs to be taken in consideration.

  • Number of people.
  • Depends on your crowd, meaning only males, females, children or combination of all three.
  • Male only then use 350 grams of meat per head.
  • Combimed men / women 300 grams of meat per head.
  • Women only 260 – 280 grams of meat per head.
  • Combination of all three 260 – 280 grams of meat per head.

Calculation sample:

Number of guests. (50)
Let say you use leg of lamb, leg of pork and beef.
3 Types of cuts.
Only males.


50*.350=17.5kg of raw meat required.

Divide this by 3 types of meat.

Required quantity of meat.

  • Lamb 5.8 kg
  • Pork 5.8 kg
  • Beef 5.8 kg
  • Also add a portion of chicken. +- 5kg.

Please note that this is only a guideline.