When doing a spitbraai it is not a good idea to forget your baby potatoes, onions or mushrooms. Also try mixed veggies. One or all can be present. Serving suggestion is to pre cook the potatoes for an hour. No need to pre cook the onions, mushrooms and mixed veggies. Place in the spitbraai, let it roast for a while, and then add the following.

Stork Butter (To Bake) melted in microwave, mix with Aromat, and Robertson spices (Garlic flakes, Steak and Chops etc.), or simply use potato bake. When meats get basted with Jimmys sauces so does the veggies. Your veggies will soon be roasted to perfection.

Now is the time to add your special ingrediants
Now is about the time to add your ingrediants.



Prepared Roasted Veggies
Now look at that.


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